Have you ever considered yourself as a fine wine investor? 

– This online course is an exact blueprint on how to become a wine investor
– 9 video lessons taking you from basic to advanced level.
– Learn exactly how I traded and advised hundreds of high net worth clients how to buy and sell wine as an investment with real results over the last 15 years.
– With returns from 10% per year to 300% gains over 3-5 years
– No experience is necessary, I will teach you from basic level all the way up to advanced level so you can effectively be as informed and able to trade like a professional wine investor.

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You will LEARN:

– How to plan a wine investment strategy
– Understand how to choose the right storage facilities
– Choosing the best wines for investment
– Analyze different types of wine investment
– How to invest in younger vintages
– How to invest in older vintages
– How to negotiate when buying wines
– Know when to sell your wines
– And much much more…
Register for the course now, every minute you wait, is money you could be putting into your own pocket from having your own wine portfolio.
And if you still have questions after taking the course – We have a full support team of seasoned wine traders for any questions that may arise.

What are the requirements?

No prior experience or knowledge of the fine wine market is necessary.

You will need access to a computer and an internet connection.

What am I going to get from this course?

9 video lectures on how to become a fine wine investor.

Buy and sell fine wines consistently with a proven strategy that produces consistent returns.

Use your fine wine portfolio to provide a regular income.

Build a wine portfolio for a long term nest egg.

Reduce risk and maximise your profits when buying the right wines at the right prices.

What is the target audience?

Anyone interested in earning an additional investment return on their investment portfolio.

Beginner and advanced wine investors/traders/merchants or private individuals seeking wine as an alternative investment strategy.

You should not take this course unless you are willing to dedicate some time and discipline to understand the strategies involved with building a wine portfolio. (although it is not very difficult to do so)

James Pala, Fine Wine Investment Analyst, Fine Wine Investor

Instructors Biography

James Pala, is a successful wine investment trader and a global authority in the world of fine wine investing. He enjoys helping others create freedom in their investment portfolios, having been a stock market trader and broker providing investors with  analysis on the US NASDAQ. For years he saw how private investors wanted to manage their own investment portfolios and look at alternative investments to give them a boost in their returns.

James has been the Managing Director of Sure Holdings and has built up a large client base of high net worth investors worldwide for the last 15 years, gaining the respect from investors across the globe. He has managed and invested in more than 20 million pounds worth of fine wine in three different continents, from the Americas to Europe and throughout Asia.

James has managed wines in New York, London and France and has clients in USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  James was a pioneer for wine investment in South East Asia over 15 years ago and consistently provides recommendations to his high net worth clients producing consistent returns.

James’ goal is to teach the strategies he has learned throughout his lifetime to private investors who wish to achieve financial freedom by supplementing or replacing their current income.

Just Select the ‘Fine Wine Investor Course’ now to get started!

Level Price  
Wine Investors Pro $9.99 per Month. Select
Fine Wine Investor Course $397.00 now.
Membership expires after 90 Days.